L'Instant d'Un Matin



After 5 years from Audiotronic Traveller,  it was time for a new work of love: L’Instant D’Un Matin.

It’s electronic, melodic, dance, pop! In some parts, my voice is naked, without effects, to sonically move from electronic moments to almost unplugged ones. 

These instants, these moments can be found in the arrangements as well: the songs evolve, change and are transformed into acoustic sounds or a remix or an Arabic melody… when you are feeling free, there’s no need to follow the classic structure of pop songs! 😉 I dedicate this album to the Dreamers and to the Moment… Everyday things that happen in our lives can be beautiful or unpleasant… no matter how they are, they go by, moment by moment. Moment by moment they change and turn into something unexpected.

It is not easy to leave the past behind or to avoid dreams about our future. Also, it isn’t always easy to appreciate the moment, what happens as soon as you hear the last drop of a thunder and smell a different, fresh air.

Self-produced and arranged in Italy, the final master of L’Instant d’Un Matin was produced in the magic mood of London.



Please note that: • “Now (I Love You) (Deep LP Remix)” is not included in the free download version. • “Now (I Love You) (Electro Mix)” is included in the Limited Edition CD only.
Written, composed, performed and produced by Les Pattes. Mastered at Swift Mastering Studio – London. CD Art concept & design by D.Ego. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.lespattes.com/copyright. Work digitally protected and stored @ www.patamu.com with licence number 2261. Release date: Jan 1, 2012

Listening to L’istant d’un Matin is an introspective journey on the road to soul. Time and life are marked by dreamy and thrilling rhythms and sounds that accompany you through love, melancholy and hope.

Graziano Paolicelli


I downloaded the album, and just finished listening to it the first time. The electronic kaleidoscope is amazing! Well done! If only Madonna would singing as well !!

Keith Lindsey


L’Instant d’Un Matin” is an eternal instant of happiness in your brain. A good sensation which forces you to move your body, your head, your… brain wherever you are. You won’t bother to anyone else close to you. It’s a warm hug of a friend. If I have to choose one track, I’d pick up “What happens”, a real “Chef d’oeuvre” of good music, mixed with a waterfall of words. It’s like to stare to a contemporary painting, full of colours and happy tears.

Michele Noale


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