with Tania Lorandi


An ongoing collaboration with a great ‘Rtist, a strong woman and a good friend

Born in Ougrée ( Belge ), she studied at F.A.S. in New York, at the Art Acedemy in Liegi and the Atelier d’Expression Libre in Flémalle. In 1985 she founded the “Collage de ‘Pataphysique” with the support of the Italian painter Enrico Baj, “Imperatore Analogico” of the Institutum Pataphysicum Mediolanense (founded in 1964 with Raymond Queneau).

Nerver Performed

Corda (2003)
Erba (2003)
Canzone Per Il Fuoco (2005)
L’Avis En Rose (2005)
Le Tue Mani (2006)
Ginevra (2006)
Effimero (2007)
Signora Ubu (2009)
Je Fais Pi-Pi Partout (Versione 1) (2009)

Published or Performed

Dreams (2005)
La Canzone Del Decervellaggio (2008)
Je Fais Pi-Pi Partout (Versione 2) (2009)
(s)oggetto contundente (2010)
Scultura (2011)

Written, composed, performed and produced by Les Pattes. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.lespattes.com/copyright. Work digitally protected and stored @ www.patamu.com

with Mauro Rizla


Real Djs play only vinyl. He plays only (very) good music.

Mauro Rizla wdiscovered his passion for DJing at a young age of 13, when Afro music was popular. He was born artistically in the early 90’s at “AudioMusicRadio”, when he became a name around the underground scene for his unique and elegant sound in deep, garage and jazzy-house music, that unexpectedly changes with poignant highlights of electronic and techno bits. In 2008 where he became a member of the DJ group “Hot Chocolate”  and started to work as a producer. In 2011 he became resident DJ at Cockette party in Milan and more recently also at WhiteK party.

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